Who is Parasimple?

We are Paralegals that want to simplify your life! While we are based in Tampa, we've been privileged to provide virtual paralegal support services to attorneys and law firms throughout the State of Florida. Parasimple are seasoned Paralegals, who are retained and supervised by attorneys on a case-by-case or project-by-project basis. Sorry, but we CAN NOT and DO NOT provide paralegal support services to the general public. And no, we can't refer you to a paralegal that is willing to commit the unlicensed practice of law! ;)

Parasimple allows your firm to improve client satisfaction by measurably improving productivity, maximizing resources, and by controlling overhead expenses. We provide on-demand virtual case management solutions that are personalized specifically for your firm’s needs and budget with an uncompromising attention to detail. Using Parasimple provides an economically feasible alternative to overhead costs of recruiting, hiring, and supervising full-time support staff. With our superior experience and credentials, we can provide the level of virtual paralegal support you require at a fraction of the cost of a similarly credentialed full-time paralegal. Based on your needs and budget, we will custom tailor a plan of services that is guaranteed to improve your bottom line and help you achieve a work-life balance that will enhance your quality of life.

Parasimple has built its reputation by consistently exceeding our client’s needs and demands by ensuring that your preferences and instructions are followed through to completion. As virtual paralegals, it is our job to work efficiently in the background with the goals of client satisfaction and making you look like a “rock star.” That can only happen if we carefully listen to your needs, then offer and implement solutions that meet your needs.

The Parasimple Values


Parasimple provides virtual paralegal support services on-demand with no contracts and no hourly minimums. This flexibility enables your firm to quickly adapt to changing work demands while operating efficiently and effectively. Shifting overflow and workloads to Parasimple allows your staff to focus on daily tasks that can only be completed onsite in your office. Outsourcing to Parasimple for virtual paralegal support services allows you to control costs and increase revenues which allows solo, small, and mid-sized firms to gain a competitive advantage by having access to highly experienced and professional paralegal support.


Whether it's daily case management or large projects, by using Parasimple you can avoid playing “Personnel Roulette.” You know, that maddening, time consuming, profit draining, never-ending cycle of recruiting, hiring, and training of staff, only to realize that they are not a good fit for your firm. Then, the whole process begins again.


We are committed to excellence. Our paralegals have Bachelor Degrees and have earned industry-recognized paralegal certifications through the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) and/or the National Association for Legal Assistants (NALA). To stay informed on the latest changes in laws and procedures, we regularly attend seminars and educational workshops.


We firmly believe that giving back to the legal industry will benefit not only paralegals, but also Attorneys. We strive to educate regarding the numerous advantages of using a virtual paralegal as well as identify the various tasks that can typically be done by competent paralegals. Toward that end, we routinely serve as key-note speakers at educational seminars for attorneys, paralegals, and support staff throughout the country.

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